I am a teenage girl and you´re a full grown man

I lost a friend along the bitterness

en kille jag elskar

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Två sköna låtar ♥

Do You Remember - Jay Sean

En låt värd att lyssna på!
tryck här♥

Låten gör mig glad, hehuu

tryck här ! :D

something you don´t remember, is the time we had togheter. I will be on your side, and you will always be on my mind

I just want you to know
That I've been fighting to let you go
Some days I make it through
And then there's nights that never end
I wish that I could believe
That there's a day you'll come back to me
But still I have to say
I would do it all again
Just want you to know

varför glömmer man inte det man vill glömma? gå vidare?
Det är längesen nu, och jag saknar dig fortfarande.
Baby, come back to me

The Great Divide - Nick Carter♥

känner igen mig så grymt mycket i denna låt. bara det att jag varit med om det twice...

its hard to let it go
to make it through the day
its hard to hold on
when were both so far away
maybe we should just move on
and get on with our lives
but how can we survive

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