I´m glad you came, my universe will never be the same

If happy ever after did exist I would still be holding you like this

I gave up because you never fought for me

Don´t chose the better guy, chose the guy that will make you to the better girl

We all have that one friend who needs to learn how to whisper

That one friend that always kills the moment

So sick of love songs

Maybe I´m not there yet, but I´m closer than I was yesterday

Pain makes people change

I get replaced like it´s my job

Once upon a time, an angel and a devil fell in love

I´m mentally dating you

I don´t care if it´s not going anywhere, I really like wasting my time on you

It´s hard to overcome your fear. Sometimes you just need some help


I just wonder, if I was in a coma, who would visit me?

Just like seasons, people change

If your dreams don´t scare you, they are not big enough

Asking your friend what to text back

Prove to me that you´re not like the rest

sant? eh ja

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